Elevate Your Radiology Practice to New Heights

Preliminary reporting solutions designed to complement your radiology reporting, tailored to match your reporting style.

Comprehensive Pre-read Radiology Reports

Our reporting services are designed to enhance your reporting quality and capacity, while meeting your unique requirements and style.

Rapid Turnaround Times

Accelerate Your Workflow with Our Efficient Teleradiology Solutions

  • 24-hour TAT, emergency/ STAT, and project-based options
  • Subspecialty coverage for a wide range of imaging modalities
  • Comprehensive coverage for all procedures and modalities, including MRI, CT, Mammography, PET, and more

Customized Reporting Options

Receive Consistent and High-Quality Reports Tailored to Your Needs

  • Preliminary reads, secondary reads, final reads, and more
  • Skilled radiologists with subspecialty training and expertise
  • Structured reporting in your personalized style for consistency and accuracy

Flexible Service Plans

Opt for a Plan That Aligns with Your Practice’s Needs

  • Pay-as-you-go or full-time equivalent (FTE) reporting plans
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Affordable options for radiology practices of all sizes

Your Radiology Practice with Our Teleradiology Solutions

Subspecialty expertise
Our team of expert radiologists with diverse subspecialties delivers accurate and comprehensive imaging reports, including MRI, CT scans, Mammography, PET-CT, and X-rays, to radiology groups worldwide.
Adaptive reporting styles
Our HIPAA-compliant process enables customized preliminary reads tailored to your reporting style and preferences, including structured reporting to ensure consistent and faster reports for your patients.
Swift turnaround times
Our 24/7 teleradiology services provide prompt and reliable results. We understand the importance of timely reporting in diagnostic imaging and strive to deliver on our commitments.
Quality assurance
Our NABH-accredited and AI-assisted quality assurance program ensures that our radiology reports meet high standards for accuracy and completeness, with rigorous quality control checks and expert second opinions.
Cost-effective solutions
Our flexible engagement models and pay-as-you-go services offer affordable options for radiology practices of all sizes, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.
Personalized support
Our dedicated support and management teams are always available to address any questions or concerns, with a commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Discover the Difference Our Teleradiology Services Make

Trusted by Professionals Worldwide

Our teleradiology services have transformed the way radiology practices and independent radiologists operate, providing accurate and comprehensive reports with rapid turnaround times. Our clients have experienced increased productivity, improved patient outcomes, and significant cost savings. But don’t just take our word for it – read on to see what our satisfied clients have to say.

Dr. John Smith, Radiology Group, USA

Our practice was struggling to keep up with the growing demand for radiology services, but partnering with this teleradiology service has been a game-changer. Their subspecialty expertise and adaptive reporting styles have ensured accurate and comprehensive reports for our patients, while their fast turnaround times and personalized support have made our lives so much easier. We highly recommend their services!

Dr. Robert Lee, Radiology Group, USA

As a radiology group specializing in injury reporting, we require detailed and thorough reports for a wide range of cases. The subspecialty-trained radiologists at this teleradiology service consistently deliver high-quality reports for motor vehicle accidents, personal and work-related injuries, and sports injuries. Their quality assurance program ensures that the reports meet our high standards for accuracy and completeness. We highly recommend their services!

Dr. Jane Doe, Radiology Group, Australia

The preliminary reporting services offered by this teleradiology provider have allowed us to increase our throughput without compromising on quality. Their customized reporting options are tailored to our preferences and reporting style, making it a seamless experience for our team. Plus, their cost-effective solutions have saved us a significant amount of money. We couldn’t be happier with the service!

Dr. Sarah Williams, Radiology Group, Australia

The 24-hour TAT service provided by this teleradiology company has been a lifesaver for our practice. Their round-the-clock availability ensures timely and reliable reports for our patients, with emergency and STAT options available. Their AI-assisted quality assurance program and expert second opinions guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the reports. Additionally, their flexible engagement models and transparent pricing have helped us save on costs. We would definitely recommend their services!

Radiology Group

Since partnering with this teleradiology service, we have been able to reduce our man-hours by up to 70%, allowing us to focus on other critical tasks. This has not only increased our productivity but also improved patient outcomes. We highly recommend their services!

Independent Radiologist

As an independent radiologist, using this teleradiology service has more than doubled my reporting throughput, allowing me to take on more cases and increase my income. The quality of their reports is exceptional, and I am extremely grateful for their assistance. Thank you!


How Our Teleradiology Services Helped Our Clients Achieve More

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Reduction in Errors

We have effectively helped our clients reduce their reporting errors by over 90% and have helped them build sustainable credibilty in their practice areas.

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Increased Productivity

A radiology group has been able to reduce up to 70% man-hours because of increased productivity with our teleradiology services.

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Enhanced Reporting Capacity

Independent radiologists have increased their daily reporting capacity by more than 180% with assistance of our pre-read services.

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