Flexible Pricing Models for Optimal Efficiency

Choose from our diverse range of service models to find the perfect fit for your radiology practice’s needs and budget.

Pay As You Go/ Number of reports-based SERVICES:

Experience ultimate flexibility with our Pay As You Go, pricing model, perfect for businesses with fluctuating needs. With this option, you only pay for the number of reports you require, allowing you to effectively manage your budget and scale your services as needed. Ideal for startups and growing businesses, our Pay As You Go model ensures you receive top-notch service without any long-term commitments.

Man-Hour Based/ FTE (full-time equivalent) based pricing:

Achieve seamless integration with our Man-Hour Based pricing model, designed for businesses seeking dedicated support and expertise. With this option, you pay for a full-time equivalent (FTE) professional who will work closely with your team, offering unparalleled knowledge and experience in their field. This model ensures you receive consistent, high-quality service while allowing you to better manage your resources and budget. Ideal for larger organizations and those with ongoing projects, our FTE-based pricing model delivers exceptional value and peace of mind.