General Information:

Pre-read radiology reporting is a service where our team of experienced radiologists review and interpret imaging studies before the primary radiologist. This helps ensure accuracy and provides valuable insights to the primary radiologist. Allowing him to process a significantly higher number of cases then he can do by himself.

You allow us to access the imaging studies on your PACS, and our team of radiologists reviews them thoroughly. We provide detailed reports and findings, which can be finalized as such or integrated into your final radiology reports.

Our team consists of indian board-certified radiologists with extensive experience in various subspecialties at the best institutions in India. They are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable pre-read reports.

Pre-read services can significantly enhance the quality and volume of radiology reports, reduce errors, report turn around time and improve patient care. It provides an additional layer of expertise and quality assurance to your practice.

Outsourcing pre-read services can be a very scalable, cost-effective and sustainable solution for your practice, as it eliminates the need to hire and train additional staff or radiologists. It provides access to a diverse pool of radiologists with various specialties, enhancing the quality of reports. It can significantly increase the number of reports your practice can process daily and simultaneously reduce turn around time as well.

Service Process and Scope:

We support a wide range of imaging modalities, including CT scans, MRIs, PET CTs, Ultrasounds, X-rays, and more. Our team is proficient in various subspecialties.

Turnaround times may vary based on the volume of studies and the complexity of cases. However, we assure reports within 24 to 48. We can discuss specific service level agreements (SLAs) to meet your practice’s needs.

Yes, we understand that each radiologist and radiology practice may have unique needs. We can tailor our pre-read reports to align with your preferences, language style and workflows.

Yes, we can accommodate requests for subspecialty reviews. You can specify your preferences, and we will assign the appropriate radiologist with expertise in that area.

Our services are available to radiology practices worldwide. We provide remote radiology reporting, so you can access our expertise no matter where you are located.

Data Security and Compliance:

Yes, we take data security and patient privacy very seriously. We follow strict HIPAA compliance guidelines and recommend use of PACS owned by your practice and provide us the access to images and to ensure your practice data always remains secure and confidential to your satisfaction.

Yes, we maintain compliance with industry standards, including HIPAA, to ensure that our service meets the highest quality and security standards.

Costs and Commitments:

Yes, we would require you to provide us with access to your current or a suitable PACS system preferably with a case manager and multi-user access or at least with one which allows multiple logins to enable us to view the images. Additionally, having a coordinator at your end for day-to-day coordination would be beneficial for smooth communication and workflow.

Generally, since we use your PACS, it is business as usual for your staff. However, if there is still a requirement, we provide comprehensive support and training to ensure a seamless integration of our pre-read services into your practice’s workflow. We are committed to your success.

We can accommodate practices of various sizes, from small clinics to large hospitals. There’s no strict minimum volume requirement, and we can discuss a customized solution that fits your needs.

Our pricing is flexible and can be tailored to your practice’s requirements. We offer competitive rates based on factors such as volume and complexity.