Tailored Solutions for Your Radiology Needs

Experience personalized and flexible teleradiology services designed to meet the unique requirements of independent radiologists and radiology groups in the USA and Australia.

Report Type

  • Pre-Reads: Preliminary reports prepared by our expert radiologists to assist in clinical decision-making.
  • Secondary Reads: Comprehensive review and analysis of imaging studies to provide additional insights and confirmation.
  • Final Reads: In-depth and conclusive reports, incorporating all relevant clinical data and findings.

Turn Around Time

  • 24-Hour TAT: Guaranteed delivery of reports within 24 hours to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.
  • Project Based: Customized turnaround times to meet the specific requirements of your radiology project.
  • Emergency/ STAT: Expedited reporting services for urgent cases, with priority given to critical imaging studies.

Requirement Based

  • Daily Reporting: Consistent and reliable daily reporting services to support your radiology practice.
  • Subspeciality Coverage: Access to a wide range of subspecialty expertise for accurate and specialized reporting.
  • Second Opinion/ Case Review: Independent and unbiased review of complex or challenging cases for added confidence in the diagnosis.
  • Legal Reporting: Comprehensive and objective radiology reports for medico-legal purposes.
  • Holiday/ Odd Hours Coverage: Uninterrupted radiology support during holidays and non-business hours to ensure continuity of care.
  • Backlog Clearance: Efficient handling and reporting of accumulated imaging studies to help reduce the backlog and improve workflow.
  • Audit/ Quality Review: Thorough assessment and evaluation of radiology reports to ensure quality and compliance.
  • Insurance Radiology: Accurate and timely radiology reports to support insurance claims and evaluations.
  • Age of Injury: Expert analysis of imaging studies to determine the age of an injury for legal and insurance purposes.
  • Causality Analysis: In-depth investigation of the cause and contributing factors of an injury or condition.
  • Workers Compensation: Specialized radiology reporting services for workers’ compensation cases, with a focus on accurate and timely diagnosis.